MACRA/MIPS and Prevounce

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MACRA Success with Prevounce

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) transforms Medicare physician payments from a service based model to a value based one over time. The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is the program Medicare will use to judge the 'value' of care of the majority of physicians, thereby increasing or penalizing those physician's future medicare payments.

MIPS takes into account four major categories:

Quality Measures

60% of MIPS Score

Physicians report six out of many specific measures published by Medicare.

Advancing Care Information

25% of MIPS Score

Physicians required to report measures showing their use of certified EHR technology.

Clinical Practice Improvements

15% of MIPS Score

Physicians report clinical improvements such as care coordination, patient safety, etc.


Will be phased into MIPS Score over time.

CMS measures based on claims and availability of patient volume. No reporting required by physician.


Prevounce services positively effects Quality and Advancing Care Information measures.

Out of the current 558 quality measures, 257 relate to prevention rather than curative medicine. Around a dozen of those measures are directly improved by utilizing Prevounce services - particularly the Annual Wellness Visit, Depression Screening, Advanced Care Planning, Alcohol Screening and Alcohol Abuse Counseling.

Prevounce is designed to have maximum impact on MACRA, making it a powerful tool to increase the MIPS score of any eligible provider.

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