Wellness that works for everyone.

Preventive care is good for patients. Prevounce makes it good for practitioners and practices too. Our platform empowers providers, practices, and other healthcare organizations to easily provide and efficiently bill for preventive services, remote patient monitoring, and chronic care management while remaining compliant with current regulations.

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Preventive Care

Annual Wellness and Preventive Care

Prevounce’s holistic wellness platform streamlines the delivery of preventive services through intelligent eligibility verification, automated patient outreach, and easy-to-use checklists, documentation, and billing and coding support.

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Chronic Care Management

Prevounce plugs seamlessly into your current workflow, guiding staff through care plan creation, enhancing patient engagement, automatically logging patient interaction time, and simplifying claims submission.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Prevounce gives you the processes, equipment, and software to provide vital, virtual monitoring between in-person visits that generates an important revenue stream and is tailored to your specific workflow.

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Get Compliant. Get Reimbursed. Give Preventive Care That Works for Everyone.

Providing preventive and chronic care services can cause tremendous stress for patients and practitioners. But not with Prevounce. Our easy-to-use patient wellness platform — designed by healthcare technology and compliance experts — eliminates cumbersome processes and documentation, giving you more time to focus on patient care and growing your business while reducing time spent on requirements.


Primary Care and Specialty Practices

For Primary Care and Specialty Practices

More than just software, Prevounce is a turnkey, feature-rich solution that complements your EMR, easily fits workflows, lightens the load of providing excellent preventive and chronic care, and helps you get reimbursed — and stay compliant.

Hospital and Health Systems

For Hospitals and Health Systems

Prevounce is an innovative and comprehensive portal that brings preventive care, chronic care management, and remote patient monitoring programs together in a singular, simplified platform. This allows hospitals and health systems to focus on in-person care while simultaneously reducing the overall cost of healthcare through proactively decreasing the occurrence of emergency room visits, unnecessary admissions, and readmissions while significantly increasing revenue.


For Payors

For payors looking to expand their support of virtual offerings, Prevounce lowers the barriers of entry to and encourages greater usage of remote patient monitoring and care management among beneficiaries. Improve access, keep patients out of facilities, and maximize the clinical and financial benefits of coordinated care.

Healthier Patients. Healthier Workflows. Healthier Bottom Lines.

Prevounce supports the development and growth of comprehensive wellness programs that help patients, practitioners, and providers be healthier every day. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but not if the cost of that ounce outweighs the benefit of the pound.


Efficient, Effective Clinical Eligibility

Eligibility verification that goes further than typical coverage checks to intelligently determine, patient by patient, medical necessity requirements and insurance coverage directly with Medicare and private payers. 


Preventive Care Walkthroughs

An intuitive, EMR-integrated smart service wizard offers custom, step-by-step instructions that reduce time spent on annual wellness visits, preventive services, and chronic care services, giving practitioners more time for curative care and engaging with patients.

Assisted Care Plan

Assisted Care Plan Creation

Prevounce plugs seamlessly into your current workflow to help it work harder, guiding staff through care plan creation, simplifying patient engagement, and automatically logging patient interaction time.

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Compliant Remote Care

Simple, Compliant Remote Care

Prevounce gives you the process, equipment, and software to provide care where and when it's needed most—wherever your patients are—without burdening your workflow.


Billing & Coding

Billing and coding assistance that minimizes unpaid claims and helps ensure you get credit — and reimbursement — for the high-quality care and services your practice provides.


Practices Love Prevounce

Healthcare software is often designed without careful consideration of how care actually is and must be delivered. We are dedicated to understanding the unique workflows, problems, and needs of each of our providers while keeping compliance as a top priority. Here’s what just a few of our satisfied clients have to say.

Lauren L.

Bradley Corse Gaskin Medical Group

After our Chronic Care Management team switched from our EMR and paper forms to Prevounce, our office has seen an increase in efficiency and revenue generation. The Prevounce team worked with us throughout the entire setup process with staff training and helpful workflow advice.

Prevounce handles the heavy lifting, improving the consistency of our patient care while increasing staff efficiency and making sure we stay Medicare compliant.

Dr. B

The Cardiovascular Institute

Incorporating Prevounce services in my practice has significantly increased my revenue without adding much to our workload. Patients have responded positively to the changes, often remarking that they feel more cared for with our holistic wellness approach.

The assistance provided by the Prevounce staff also sets them apart. They learned my practice workflow, made suggestions on which services I could add, and then trained my staff on each step during implementation.

We play nice with other medical software, too.

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  • allscripts
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See How Prevounce Affects Your Bottom Line!

Sustained compliance. Credit for chronic care services. Full reimbursement. Easy eligibility. Streamlined annual wellness visits. Simple remote patient monitoring. Prevounce makes all this and more possible. Schedule a live demo and let us show you how.

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