About us

We help healthcare organizations grow compliant and impactful remote care programs that work for patients and clinicians alike.

Our story

Our story

Founded in 2018

Prevounce was founded and designed by physicians, practice managers, and healthcare attorneys who identified a fundamental problem. Remote preventive and chronic care services offered clear promise to improve patient health and relieve financial pressure on healthcare organizations, yet significant regulatory complexity and administrative burden made programs difficult to launch, sustain, and grow.

Prevounce was born out of a desire to empower organizations to deliver compliant, reimbursable services that help patients without further taxing already overworked clinicians and staff.

Continued growth

Our cloud-based platform is built to support annual wellness and preventive services, chronic care management, and remote patient monitoring (RPM). Today, hundreds of healthcare organizations nationwide rely on us to support their thriving remote care programs and the thousands of patients benefiting from their services.

Our commitment

We’re driven to improve patient health and help clinicians deliver timelier, more effective care. In a constantly changing regulatory and billing environment, we strive to be a partner whose expertise clients can genuinely rely on.

Our mission 

Prevounce’s mission is to empower healthcare organizations of all sizes to grow compliant, sustainable, and impactful remote care programs that make connected health easy for clinicians and their patients.

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Meet the team

Our success is driven by a passionate and dedicated team of professionals committed to revolutionizing remote patient care management.

Daniel Tashnek

Co-founder & CEO

Lucy Lamboley

VP of Operations

Gus Kluger

VP of Strategy & Business Development

Carl Bertrams

VP of Sales

Casey Johnson

Director of Marketing

Nick Williams

Director of Technology

Arun Chandra, MD

Clinical Lead