Prevention is the Best Medicine

Prevounce services focus on keeping your patients healthy in the long run. 

The Role of Preventative Services

The adage 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' increasingly holds true in modern medicine, with good preventative care saving money, time and patients lives. According to the CDC, over 100,000 lives could be saved each year if patients in the United States received their recommended clinical preventative care. Americans utilize preventative services at about half the rate they should - even when they are fully paid under insurance without co-pay.

We believe that health providers hold the key to increasing preventative medicine. The Prevounce Health Portal assists medical professionals in identifying when certain preventative care may be needed, and guides those professionals in performing, and getting reimbursed for, that care. With Prevounce, you can easily take advantage of already existing opportunities to deliver preventative care that can improve your patient's health outcomes for life.

Prevounce Service Categories:

Annual Wellness Visits

An annual visit to coordinate patients concerns and health goals.

The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a program where Medicare (and an increasing number of private insurers) pay for a yearly preventative patient visit for all enrolled patients. With the Prevounce Portal, any practice staff can easily and efficiently perform all types of AWV while knowing that all requirements are being met for compliance and reimbursement.

Mental Health Screenings

Short screenings to gain insight into patient mental health.

Mental health is essential for both individual and public health, yet mental health problems may not be obvious to a doctor during a normal appointment. In an effort to increase the detection and early treating of mental health disorders, many insurers (including Medicare) now pay for annual screenings for common mental disorders. The Prevounce Portal offers easy to perform and self scoring mental health screenings for depression, alcohol misuse and cognitive impairment.

Behavioral Counseling

Direct counseling to patients concerning their health decisions.

Preventative wellness does not just mean identifying unhealthy behaviors, but also forming a partnership with the patient to help them change the behavior. The Prevounce Portal currently offers management, eligibility checking and support for; Tobacco Cessation Counseling, Alcohol Misuse Counseling and Obesity Counseling.

Laboratory Diagnostic Eligibility

Insurance policy medical necessity and eligibility checking for laboratory diagnostics.

Knowing when a patient is eligible under their insurance for preventative laboratory diagnostics can be difficult. Insurance policies widely differ and are often extremely complex and difficult to apply on a patient by patient basis. The Prevounce Portal takes steps to simplify and make this process easy by incorporating logic for the major insurances directly into the platform. We can make it so you can focus on whether the test should be done for the patient’s health instead of having to worry about the patient’s wallet.

Vaccination Management

Management and record keeping for in-office vaccinations.

As fear of vaccinations has risen, it has become increasingly important for doctors to promote and facilitate the vaccination of their patients. The Prevounce Portal offers adult vaccination management for pneumonococcal and seasonal influenza vaccines. We can’t give the vaccine to the patient over the computer (yet!), but we can handle all the management, eligibility, reminders and other aspects for you. This way, when the patient is in for their other wellness services, vaccination scheduling and recording is right there with it.

In-Office Diagnostics

In-office diagnostic screenings for early detection of disease.

The Prevounce Portal handles the management, eligibility and recommended reminders for select CLIA waived diagnostic testing. In these cases, practice staff can be alerted when a patient may be eligible for certain diagnostic testing, and the test themselves can be conducted during the preventative visit. Currently, we support Fecal Occult Blood Testing, and are working on adding H. Pylori, Influenza and more.

Chronic Care Management

Coordinating patient care and health management between office visits.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a medicare program that pays doctors to have monthly non-face-to-face interaction with their patients who have two or more chronic conditions that need management. Unfortunately, this otherwise lucrative program has been mired in complicated requirements in patient consent, provider performance, recording and billing.

The Prevounce Portal provides an easy to use interface that manages,  tracks and addresses all requirements so that you can focus on contacting and providing care to your patients.

Integrating services into your practice

Prevounce puts your practice at the forefront of providing Medicare and services recommended by the U.S. Preventative Task Force.

With Prevounce, your practice can take a more active role in promoting your patient's health by catching possible problems before these progress to more serious conditions that would be difficult and expensive to manage and treat. What this means is your patients live longer and fuller lives with better health outcomes at less cost - as well as optimized revenue for your practice.

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