A Medicare Annual Wellness Visit That Works for Everyone.

Wellness should benefit everyone: prevention for patients, streamlined process for practitioners, and reimbursement for practices. But despite meaning well, Medicare doesn’t make it easy. Prevounce’s intuitive software platform turns sticky into simple, with accurate documentation and coding that helps practitioners get paid for helping patients get and stay healthier.

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Annual Wellness Visit Software
Annual Wellness Visit Toolkit

Interested in improving your Annual Wellness Visit process?

Check out our AWV Toolkit, which includes five helpful resources that you can download to get started.

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Check All the Boxes

At its core, the Medicare Wellness Exam is a complex set of requirements that correspond with a comprehensive survey of patient health. Miss one, and your ability to be reimbursed is jeopardized. Prevounce helps practitioners meet and document every action item required by Medicare, from health risk assessment to family history, to the often-overlooked creation of a qualifying report and plan for patients.


Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Simplification and streamlining of how HRA info is gathered that saves practitioners time in the exam room.


Update of Patient Information

Pre-visit surveys and step-through question sets that increase info-gathering accuracy and efficiency.


Evaluation of Health Risks

Digital patient outreach that gives practitioners more detailed information at the start of the patient interview, so deeper questions can be asked more quickly.


Personalize Prevention Plan Creation

Automated plan and scheduling designed to save time and lessen the overall cost of each AWV as well as reduce audit risk.

Be Supported, Every Step of the Way

From first contact to final bill, Prevounce’s platform constitutes an end-to-end wellness program that helps annual wellness visits be as impactful as they can be for patients and practices.

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When patients become eligible for Medicare Part B, they can receive an Initial Preventive Examination (IPPE) within the first 12 months. After that, they’re eligible for one covered AWV every 12 months. Who’s counting? Prevounce, ensuring eligibility before any service is performed.

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Outreach & Intake

Start AWVs ahead of the curve and save time during patient visits with Prevounce’s patient outreach features: intuitive pre-visit questionnaires sent via email or text that guide patients through entering relevant info and gathering resources so you don’t have to enter everything live in the exam room. 

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Billing & Coding

Prevounce makes complicated billing and coding simple by creating the next best thing to a standard: automatically generated Smart Superbills that take into account all known coding variations and historical reimbursement data.

Get the Full Preventive Picture

Get Compliant, Efficient and Reimbursed

Reduce AWV time spent to


minutes per patient

Reduce preventive visits to


minutes per patient

Increase revenue up to


a month

Average reimbursement


per patient

Advance Care Planning Software

Advance Care Planning — Help Patients Plan Ahead

While Advance Care Planning – a face-to-face discussion between patient and practitioner about end-of-life options – is an optional part of the AWV, it’s an important feature of Prevounce’s total wellness platform. Helping patients handle this vital planning is key to keeping system costs low, and assuring patients’ final wishes are met. It’s done with no out of pocket cost to the patient, and Prevounce’s system ensures all parts of the ACP process are met, ensuring practices receive the increased reimbursement of $80 for the first 30 minutes of patient time.

See How Prevounce Affects Your Bottom Line!

Sustained compliance. Credit for chronic care services. Full reimbursement. Easy eligibility. Streamlined annual wellness visits. Simple remote patient monitoring. Prevounce makes all this and more possible. Schedule a live demo and let us show you how.

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