Chronic Care Management

Prevounce’s CCM platform helps you curb the complexities and confusion surrounding chronic care management and reimbursement with personalized, CMS-compliant solutions that fit seamlessly into your workflow.

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Getting started simplifying your practice’s chronic care management process is easy with Prevounce. We support traditional CCM, complex CCM, BHI CCM, and in all cases, we’re here to help, every step of the way.


Identify Chronic Conditions

If your EMR or an AWV has identified a patient as having two chronic conditions, Prevounce will automatically register that person as eligible for CCM. Prevounce can also guide you through setting up patient profiles manually, with straightforward, easy to use guides.

Chronic Care Management Software

Create a Care Plan

Creating a detailed care plan takes time. Prevounce makes it faster, replacing catch-all documents with editable templates featuring checkboxes organized by condition, allowing practitioners to quickly choose the right items for each patient.

  • Build


    Choose one condition (or more) and use Prevounce’s template builder to select just the items pertinent to your patient’s condition to populate it.

  • Customize


    Edit your template further, adding custom entries, changing wording or deleting items.

  • Review


    Check through the easy to read overview before finalizing and closing out your plan.


Get Credit for Your 20 Minutes a Month

Just like with treating chronic illness itself, when it comes to the process of chronic care management, having a system in place is key to success. Prevounce makes it simple to be CMS compliant and get paid for time spent.

Chronic Care Management Time Tracking Software
Chronic Care Patients

Pick your Patients

Simply identify patients for follow up in the Prevounce system. See easily how much time you’ve logged per patient and structure your time accordingly.

Interact Electronically

Interact Electronically

Communicate with patients, re-fill prescriptions, review diagnostics and make referrals, then log time spent via the Prevounce platform to keep an accurate record of billable effort.

Clock Time with Patients

Clock Time Spent

Prevounce makes it easy to log time spent on monthly communication with patients. Simply click to start the timer, and click to stop.


Bill (and Get Paid) Effectively

The most frustrating part of CCM is trying to get reimbursed. You’ve done the work, now get the reward. The Prevounce CCM Platform collects records of calls and other interaction, connects them to the appropriate patients, and then generates a single billing report. Simply review and send to your biller. It’s how providers like you make money with CCM. Check out how much an average office can earn with the right process in place:


Monthly Medicare Patients


Average Eligibility Rate


Est. Monthly Generated Revenue

Chronic Care Management Billing

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Compliance. Credit for chronic care services. Reimbursement. Easy eligibility. Streamlined AWVs. Simple remote patient monitoring. Prevounce makes it possible. Schedule a live demo and let us show you how.

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