Gastroenterology and Bariatrics Patient Monitoring

The health effects and risks associated with being overweight and obese are significant. Patients who have obesity, compared to those at what is considered a normal or healthy weight, are at increased risk for serious diseases and health conditions, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, many types of cancer, and clinical depression. Obese patients also face elevated risk of mortality. One widely cited study showed that obesity and extreme obesity have the potential to reduce life expectancy by up to eight years and deprive adults of as much as 19 years of healthy life.

With Prevounce Gastroenterology and Bariatrics Monitoring, practitioners can help their patients make the lifestyle and behavior changes necessary for effective weight loss and management while also generating generous, consistent reimbursement.

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Patient Applications for Gastroenterology and Bariatrics Patient Monitoring

The most significant applications for gastroenterology and bariatrics patient monitoring are:


Medical weight loss

Weight management programs that target the root causes of obesity and weight gain have been proven to help patients decrease and keep off weight, reducing the risks of chronic diseases and achieving improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars. Practitioners who incorporate remote patient monitoring into their medical weight loss programs put themselves in a better position to help patients achieve weight-loss goals. RPM provides practitioners with the ability to monitor and track weight, helping better hold patients accountable to mutually agreed upon short- and long-term outcome goals, identifying changes in weight that may warrant revisions to a medical weight loss plan, and better engaging patients in their weight management programs.

Medical Weight Loss

The Preferred Way to Deliver Gastroenterology and Bariatrics Monitoring

For gastroenterologists and bariatric specialists looking to add remote patient monitoring as a service for their patients and revenue generator for their practices, Prevounce is the solution of choice. With Prevounce, delivering RPM is simple, yet delivers substantial clinical, financial, and operational benefits.

Here's how it works:

Sign Up Gastroenterology and Bariatrics RPM

STEP 1: Easy Sign Up

Sign up for Prevounce Gastroenterology and Bariatrics Remote Patient Monitoring and receive our RPM system. We'll train your clinical and billing staff on how to use Prevounce to deliver RPM services. Our system is easy to learn, thanks largely in part to the automatic syncing of patient data via EMR integration or patient import.

Enroll Patients with Weight Devices RPM

STEP 2: Enroll Patients

Once the simple training process is completed (we're always available to help if questions arise following completion of training), begin enrolling patients and designating your RPM device of choice. You can use a Prevounce device or bring your own. Select a Prevounce device and you can order devices directly to your patients or office for pickup with a single click in the Prevounce portal.

RPM Weight Management

STEP 3: Manage Remote Care

Once patients are set up with their devices, their data will be captured by the Prevounce RPM system. Review patient data in the Prevounce portal or your integrated EMR. The system will automatically notify you if patient readings enter a specified caution or critical range.

Submit Claim RPM

STEP 4: Submit Claims with Confidence

The system can also automatically track the logging of time toward RPM management billing codes, making it even easier to get paid for your gastroenterology and bariatrics services. Since RPM is still considered a fairly new service, it's undergoing frequent regulatory changes. But don't worry: We pride ourselves in remaining at the forefront of compliance, so you do not need to worry about our system coming up short in meeting evolving requirements.

Healthy Patients Gastro and Bariatrics RPM

Healthier Patients

Providing gastroenterology and bariatrics RPM services is an efficient and effective way of making a significant difference in your patients' health and wellness. RPM helps gastroenterology and bariatrics patients become more active participants in their health, removes barriers to care, reduces costs, and permits practitioners to make more timely and better informed decisions that reduce risk and improve outcomes.

Increased Revenue Gastroenterology and Bariatrics Patient Monitoring

Significant Revenue

The clinical value of remote patient monitoring is reason enough to add the service. The financial value makes it even more worthwhile. RPM is now one of the higher-paying Medicare care management programs. Thanks to major revisions to coding and billing rules, RPM generates about $120 in Medicare reimbursement per patient every month they are enrolled. If you enroll just 75 patients in your RPM program, that will generate your practice more than $100,000 in annual Medicare reimbursement. RPM is an effective means for gastroenterologists and bariatricians to generate supplemental, non-visit revenue.

Even More Benefits of Prevounce Remote Gastroenterology and Bariatrics Monitoring

With the Prevounce system, gastroenterologists and bariatricians get the simplest yet still most effective way to launch a remote patient monitoring program and then efficiently enroll patients and build a valuable service line. Prevounce provides numerous other benefits and features as well, including the following:

Gastroenterology and Bariatrics Patient Monitoring

Numerous options for device types. This includes those with cellular connectivity, which makes devices plug-and-play (or insert-batteries-and-play) and patient setup and usage effortless.


Prevounce is a closed, HIPAA-compliant platform. Sensitive patient data is protected and secured.


Device costs are included in the per-patient fee, so there are no upfront expenses.


Customizable notification system provides full control over alerts, eliminating spam.


Support is available when it’s needed. Have questions about device distribution, training, billing, or anything else? The Prevounce team is ready to help.

Prevounce Streamlines Annual Wellness Visits and Other Medicare Preventives

The Prevounce platform can do more than support remote patient monitoring. If your practice is interested in or already completing annual wellness visits (AWVs) and delivering other Medicare preventives, leverage Prevounce to make it easier to prep for, perform, document, and get paid for these services.

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