Welcome, Pharmapreneur Academy Members!

Prevounce gives pharmacists the tools to effectively provide preventative services and care management. 

We believe that empowered pharmacists lead to healthier patients.

Improved Patient Outcomes

With the development of Collaborative Practice Agreements (CPAs), pharmacists have been increasingly empowered to take a more direct and clinical approach to keeping patients healthy.

Prevounce provides you with the tools to manage and provide preventative services that can dramatically improve patient outcomes. On top of Medication Therapy Management, we support; Annual Wellness, Behavioral Health Screenings, Chronic Care Management, Laboratory Services and more. 

Increased Practice Revenue

As Medicare and other insurers have realized the health benefits (and cost savings) of preventative services, reimbursement and coverage have raised significantly.

A well managed preventative service program with Prevounce can earn a small practice upwards of $15,000 a month. As a pharmacist, you can bill your collaborated practices for each service that you provide, greatly increasing your revenue as compared to just offering Medication Therapy Management.

Medicare MIPS and MACRA

In addition to direct revenue, Medicare has incorporated many preventative services into their MIPS payment model. Preventative services can be one of the easiest ways to increase a practices Medicare Payment Modifier.

The increased MIPS modifier you provide to your collaborated practices is a huge selling point and helps integrate you into the practice as a consultant and team member.