Weight devices

Choose the right remote patient monitoring weight scale

Meet your patients where they are with reliable and easy-to-use Pylo weight devices. We deliver directly to your office or your patient’s home. Our RPM scales arrive pre-connected to the Prevounce platform and require no set-up.

Remote patient monitoring weight devices

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Leverage our API to maximize your devices’ potential

Unlock seamless integration. Connect current applications or management systems, including existing RPM devices, with the Pylo API for effortless cellular remote patient monitoring. Access patient readings anytime and manage all your devices in one place. 

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Get effortless fulfillment and logistics management

Let us handle device management and operations. We can store and refurbish your devices and kits and ship them to your location or directly to patients within 2 business days.

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Who we help


Whether you’re a single-provider family medicine practice or a 100-provider cardiology network, we help you keep patients healthy and generate meaningful, sustainable practice revenue. Our covered specialties include:

  • Family medicine

  • Internal medicine

  • Cardiology

  • Endocrinology

  • Bariatric surgery

  • Gastroenterology

  • Pulmonology

  • And many others


Effective weights scales for remote patient monitoring

Provide a better patient and clinician experience with accurate and reliable weight scales from Prevounce.

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