The Medicare annual wellness visit system that works for everyone

Deliver compliant, impactful annual wellness visits (AWVs) without administrative hassle. Our easy-to-use platform empowers practitioners to focus on delivering effective, reimbursable care that keeps patients happy and healthy.


Wellness that works before, during, and after the visit

You want to deliver valuable preventive care, but Medicare doesn't make the AWV process easy. One missed requirement puts reimbursement at risk. Stay compliant and document every required step, from the health risk assessment to the qualifying report and patient plans.

Light-Orange-BG Preventive pre-visit questionnaire screen

Health risk assessment (HRA)

Simplify and streamline HRA information gathering so practitioners save significant time in the exam room.

Update patient information

Customizable pre-visit surveys and guided questions improve information-gathering accuracy and efficiency.

Evaluate health risks

Digital, pre-visit patient outreach gives practitioners more detailed information ahead of time to enable focused and efficient visits.

Create personalized prevention plans

Automated prevention plans and care schedule creation save time and reduce audit risk.

Get support every step of the way

From first contact to final bill, our secure, HIPAA-compliant platform delivers support for end-to-end annual wellness visits.


We automatically determine eligibility for you before any service is performed.

Outreach and intake

Intuitive pre-visit questionnaires are emailed or texted to patients, so you save time in the exam room.

Coding and billing

We automatically produce smart superbills that consider all known coding variations and historical data.

Get compliant, efficient,
and reimbursed

Our AWV system brings greater efficiency to your processes


Reduce AWV time spent to 15-20 mins per patient


Generate more than $25,000 annually with a 200-patient program

10-30 Mins

Reduce preventive visits to 10-30 minutes per patient


Average more than $128 per patient in annual reimbursement

Compliant annual wellness visits made easy

Receive support at every step of the Medicare annual wellness visit. Make AWVs simple for practitioners and impactful for patients.