Chronic care management system

Not all chronic care management systems are the same

Stay focused on what matters: healthy patients, compliant programs, and meaningful revenue. Get the people, software, experience, and support you need to make your chronic care management (CCM) programs truly successful.


The complete chronic care management system

Chronic care management encourages patients to take control of their health and improves health outcomes. Plus, a single enrolled Medicare patient can conservatively generate $61 per month in practice revenue.

Are you new to CCM? Do you have a program that needs a boost? We can guide you through the ever-changing regulatory and billing requirements so you can focus on patients. Our best practices help clients overcome obstacles and achieve success. 

A CCM solution that works for you

Discover the benefits of our comprehensive chronic care management system and how it will help your healthcare organization develop an efficient and successful CCM program.

Identify chronic conditions

Receive automatic notifications if a patient is eligible for CCM. Quickly identify qualified patients from your EMR or a Medicare annual wellness visit (AWV), and easily register patients with efficient guided workflows.

Chronic care management eligibility screen

Ensure compliance

Our software is tailored to make sure you’re always compliant and organized. We even flag required steps that are easily overlooked, like getting informed patient consent. This process ensures that all your CCM work is billable.


Chronic care management consent screen

Create a care plan

Our service replaces catch-all documents with editable templates that allow practitioners to choose the right items for each patient quickly. We know creating a detailed care plan takes time, but we’ve improved the process.

Chronic care management care plan screen

Get credit for your 20 minutes a month

We make it simple to be compliant with Medicare and get paid for time spent supporting patients. Having the right chronic care management system in place is vital to program success.

Chronic care management time logging screen

Manage revenue efficiently

Collect and record calls and other interactions, document them, and generate a single billing report. Simply review the report and send it to your biller or billing software.

Chronic care management monthly billing screen

Need CCM staffing help?

With your input and oversight, our team of clinically trained care managers serves as an extension of your organization. We help you recruit, enroll, and deliver ongoing care management services to your patients.

A chronic care management solution for your exact needs

Not all chronic care management systems are built the same. We work with you to understand your unique needs and tailor a solution that works for you and your business.

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