Remote patient monitoring

Not all remote patient monitoring systems are the same

Get all the support you need to make remote patient monitoring programs truly successful. Our people, software, and devices help keep you focused on what matters – healthy patients, compliant programs, and meaningful revenue.

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Remote patient monitoring with Prevounce

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) encourages patients to take control of their health while delivering vital information to clinicians between office visits. A single enrolled Medicare patient can conservatively generate $46 per month in practice revenue, all improving their health outcomes and increasing patient care plan compliance. 

Are you new to RPM? Do you have a program needing a boost? We guide you through the ever-changing regulatory and billing requirements so you can remain focused on your patients.

Secure and HIPAA compliant

 We’re committed to ensuring confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of all electronic protected health information it maintains and processes on behalf of clients. 


Each client has a unique, compliant tenant on our SaaS-based platform that is managed by Prevounce and hosted by Amazon Web Services. 

HIPAA compliant 

All patient data is stored securely, end-to-end, from collection on patient devices to storage on our HIPAA-compliant platform. 

HITRUST compliance 

Our platform maintains compliance with the HITRUST Common Security Framework and other relevant security and compliance standards. 

How we partner with you

Step 1

Sign up

Sign up quickly and easily with us.
Step 2


We’ve helped scale hundreds of compliant programs. Our experts work with you to model an approach that works for your patients and your business.
Step 3


Enroll your patients by adding their information into the Prevounce platform and designating what type of device you’d like them to receive. We’ll take care of outreach and patient education.
Step 4


Click “ship” and we’ll mail the device directly to your patient or your office – whichever you prefer.
Step 5


Review the data your patients’ devices captured in our platform or your integrated EHR. Our flexible software works around your existing workflows. For example, we can automatically notify staff if a patient’s readings enter a specified caution or critical range. If you are logging time toward RPM management billing codes, we automatically track that too.
Step 6

Get paid

Our platform generates a report every month clearly showing all billable RPM codes for each patient. We charge you a nominal fee for
Features & Benefits

An RPM solution that works for you

Discover the benefits of our comprehensive remote patient monitoring system and how it can help your healthcare organization.

Visualize patient device data

Device data feeds into each patient’s profile where users can easily monitor individual readings and customize graphs that chart progress over time.

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Track progress on billing requirements

Staff can view patient compliance toward monthly billing requirements and seamlessly capture time spent on care management activities.


Send automated patient and staff notifications

Set up customizable, automated email or text reminders to patients and alerts to clinicians when readings fall outside of normal ranges.


Easily bill for services provided 

Our platform generates a suggested superbill every month clearly showing all billable RPM codes for each patient for easy coding and billing.


Operate securely and compliantly

All patient data is stored securely, end-to-end, from collection on the patient’s device to storage on our HIPAA-compliant platform.


Cellular-connected RPM devices

Tailor the patient experience. Customize our cellular-connected, clinically validated devices and kits with your branding, printed inserts, patient education assets, and more.

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Hassle-free connected health API

Whether you are looking for easy access to patient readings or a comprehensive device management platform, our Pylo API is the easiest way to integrate cellular (LTE) remote patient monitoring into any health application or management system. 

RPM and CCM are the perfect pair

Patients with at least two chronic conditions can be dual-enrolled in RPM and CCM programs. Patients benefit from more holistic care and healthcare organizations maximize their reimbursement opportunities – to the tune of $107 per patient per month. 

Specialized remote patient monitoring solutions for your exact needs

Not all remote patient monitoring systems are built the same. We work with you to understand your unique needs and tailor a solution that works for you and your business.