Pulmonology remote patient monitoring

Better execute long-term treatment plans for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other respiratory diseases. Provide ongoing clinical support while achieving revenue goals.


Patient applications for pulmonology remote patient monitoring

Our remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions support a variety of conditions often treated by pulmonologists. Learn how RPM can help you and your patients.

Management of COPD

Get real-time insight into chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatments by measuring their effectiveness. Use data to improve clinical decision-making and keep patients informed.  

Access better insights to empower patients to take an active interest in their treatment and improve care plan adherence.


man using oxygen mask

Management of asthma

Manage asthma monitoring programs without the need for in-person office visits. Improve asthma control, increase the number of symptom-free days, and decrease the need for rescue medication use.  

Research shows that monitoring asthma patients is a critical component of optimal asthma management.

woman using asthma inhaler

Management of other respiratory diseases

Get real-time data delivered directly to you using remote patient monitoring devices and improve positive patient outcomes. 

Data shows that a combination of proper treatment and monitoring is proven to help most people achieve a normal life expectancy. Remote monitoring is also useful for cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, and other diseases.

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The leaders in pulmonology patient monitoring

Prevounce makes it simple for pulmonologists to build remote patient monitoring programs. Here’s how partnering with us works.


Sign up

Sign up quickly and easily with us. 



We’ve helped scale hundreds of compliant RPM programs. Our experts work with you to model an approach that works for your patients and your business. 



Enroll your patients by adding their information to our platform and designate the device you want them to receive. We’ll take care of outreach and patient education.



Click “ship” and we’ll mail the device directly to your patient or office – whichever you prefer.



Review the data your patients’ devices capture in our platform or your integrated EHR. Our flexible software works around your existing workflows. For example, we can automatically notify staff if a patient’s readings enter a specified caution or critical range. If you are logging time toward RPM management billing codes, we automatically track that, too.


Get paid

Our platform generates a monthly report clearly showing all billable RPM codes for each patient. We charge you a nominal fee for billable RPM patients, and you keep the rest!

The benefits of remote patient monitoring 

Healthier patients

Help patients become active participants in their health, remove barriers to care, and empower practitioners to timely and informed decisions that improve patient outcomes. 

Significant revenue

A basic RPM-only program can generate $46 a month per patient. With 200 patients enrolled, that’s $110,400 a year. Dual-enroll eligible patients in a CCM program for an even greater ROI. 

Simple, seamless, and secure remote pulmonology monitoring 

pulmonology monitoring screen

Here’s how the Prevounce platform helps:

  • Easy enrollment of new patients 
  • Ongoing support for everything from device distribution to training to billing 
  • Closed, HIPAA-compliant platform to secure patient data 
  • Customizable notification system so there’s never any spam 
  • Cellular device connectivity ensures reliable data and patient ease-of-use

Make pulmonology remote patient monitoring seamless

Our solution helps pulmonologists and patients enjoy better outcomes. Learn more about our innovation solution today.