Meet Prevounce

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
-Benjamin Franklin (and us)


Who We Are

Prevounce is a small team of legal, healthcare and software professionals dedicated to developing leading cloud-based wellness solutions to healthcare providers and organizations.

Our Goal

We believe that as the healthcare industry becomes increasingly complicated (and regulated), software and well-crafted automation will play a growing role in the provision of medicine.

There is an (unfortunately) well-earned cliche in our industry where a salesperson tells a provider how much easier their life would be using their software, only for the implementation of the software to grind the practice to a halt. Unintuitive design, poor training, lack of support, clunky computers, basement in-house servers and expensive updates have been the status quo.

We formed Prevounce to break the mold and give healthcare professionals and organizations the software and support they deserve. Our platform has been designed to assist providers in maximizing the efficiency, effectiveness and revenue of their practice while minimizing the burden of complicated regulation and billing. 

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